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Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

E-marketing can be defined as a kind of marketing for a particular good or service on the Internet.The Internet now has occupied an important part of our daily lives for being the source of knowledge which compete the traditional media in the dissemination of news or information such as newspapers, magazines and radio stations video and audio, besides consideration of this network is an important source of knowledge, it has become possible with the development of technical meansassistance in that, it has been possible to create a new space can be invested in marketing for some of the goods or services or assistive devices and the evolution of different ways in support of the marketing process: adopt some or most of these methods in the process of marketing the product and the differntiaiotn remains in determining the most appropriate way it it is the product itself

Specific budget for the marketing process and the amount of money allocated to start campaigning for the product as some of these roads is free and Personal experiences of the same marketer in dealing with the various mechanisms and software for the marketing process and overall digital marketing environment.

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